Chaska Web Series 2023 – (Hunters) Release Date, Cast, Story, Official Trailer

Chaska Web Series 2023: Chaska is an upcoming Indian web series presented in the Hindi language, scheduled for release on Sep 17, 2023, exclusively on the Hunters App. The series features Nishitha and a talented ensemble cast. The narrative of Chaska revolves around the journey of two sisters as they chase their aspirations amidst intricate relationships and unexpected encounters. The direction of the web series is helmed by Porus, with production led by RR Entertainment.

Chaska Web Series 2023 – Overview

Genre: Romance, Drama

Episode Count: 4

Approximate Duration per Episode: 20-25 minutes

Language: Hindi

Streaming Platform (OTT Platform): Hunters App

Chaksha Web Series Story

The narrative revolves around the lives of individuals within a family. Startling instances of romance and drama come to light as each family member confronts their individual struggles.

The tale commences with the passing of the family’s patriarch, setting off a series of events that will permanently alter the destinies of those in the family. The eldest son, John, finds himself compelled to take charge of the family business, despite lacking interest. Meanwhile, the youngest son, Michael, grapples with his sexual orientation, apprehensive about revealing it to his family. Amidst this, the daughter, Sarah, strives to find her identity in the world, entangled in a love affair disapproved of by her family.

As the family members grapple with their personal dilemmas, they are also confronted with jolting occurrences in their surroundings. A clandestine affair is exposed, trust is shattered, and a grave crime is committed. Though these events drive a wedge between family members, they are compelled to reunite and mend.

The narrative embarks on an intricate and poignant voyage, delving into themes of family, love, treachery, and redemption. It’s a tale that will linger in your thoughts long after you’ve reached its conclusion.

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Chaska Web Series Cast

The ensemble for the Chaska web series varies according to the specific OTT platform where it is being viewed.

For the Hunters App, the cast includes:

Ritu Rai portraying Anya

Nishitha playing the role of Nishitha

Sunita Acharya in the role of Anya’s mother

On the PrimeShots App, the cast comprises:

Aliya Naaz taking on the character of Anya

Pooja Poddar portraying Roshni

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